Custom Shutters Los Angeles

Window Coverings Los Angeles is a leading window treatments and window coverings retailer in Los Angeles.  Established in 2002, we offer hundreds of window treatments services including our own in-house brands and designs at competitive prices. With state-of-the-art facilities and great customer service, we are the best window treatments service provider in Los Angeles. Whether it’s flowing drapes, roman shades, shutters or, curtain rods, we have you covered.

Custom Shutters Los Angeles is the best one-stop destination for all your window treatments and accessories. We offer an extensive collection of curtains, shutters, drapes, curtain rods & hardware, valances, kitchen curtains, blinds, shades, outdoor window treatments, and many more.  We also provide customized window treatments, window coverings, custom shutters, custom drapes, custom blinds, custom fabric designs, and styles, as well as custom window treatments accessories to cater to customers of every taste and preferences.

Our Shutter Collection At Custom Shutters Los Angeles

Shutters are ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of any room. Shutters with their beautiful built-in look enhances the architectural quality of windows as well as adds value to your home.  Shutters are preferred by interior decorators over any other types of window coverings because they are available in a number of louver sizes, colors and frame styles. Shutters are a smart choice for light control and energy efficiency and reducing noise. Custom Shutters Los Angeles offers both self-designed shutters as well as custom shutters. Choose the material that best suits your taste, needs, and budget. We have wood shutters, eco-wood shutters for kitchens and baths, and budget-friendly Newport shutters.

Wood/Teak Shutters: Our wood/teak shutters are made from high-quality wood and offer furniture-quality details. The shutters come with benefits like light control, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. These shutters are versatile and available in three slat sizes and a range of heights and widths that fit most shapes, including sliders and arches. The shutters are cordless for child safety, available in painted & stained wood colors finish, and many more.

Custom Shutters Los Angeles
Custom Shutters Los Angeles

Eco-wood Shutters: Our Eco-Wood Shutters are beautiful and exude the architectural value of wood. If you want consistency and durability in your shutters, these are a great choice. These shutters are perfect for high-moisture and high-traffic settings. The Eco-Wood Shutter is made from wood composite and with a polypropylene coated finish. The Eco-Wood Shutters will never crack, chip or peel. They are easy to clean and will increase the value of your property. Available with finishes in 5 painted colors, the Eco-wood Shutters is VOC-free.  The shutters are cordless for child safety.

Newport Shutters: if you want lightweight, eco-friendly shutters, but don’t want to spend too much, the Newport Shutters is the ideal choice for your windows. They’re highly durable and crafted out of hypoallergenic materials. Our Newport Shutters will never crack, chip or peel. They’re great for light control and noise reduction. Our Newport Shutters are also waterproof and fire retardant, and handcrafted in the USA. The shutters are cordless for child safety.

Why Custom Shutters Los Angeles?


Every window treatment comes with different purposes. Sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to decide whether drapes or shutters are ideal for your room, and if you face that situation, give us a call. At Custom Shutters Los Angeles, we have trained our teams to deal with circumstances like this one. If you’ve any questions related to window treatments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  Our trained staff will provide you will all kind of assistance from choosing the best window treatment for your home or office. Our team is always there to assist you with all types of window treatment installations as well. In addition, we will also give you a free consultation and estimate as well.

Our experienced designers and workers are capable of creating amazing and great window treatments that match the customer’s preferences and choices.  We provide high-quality window treatment options and guarantees quality craftsmanship on our services.  We have decades of experience and this has made us one of the most trusted window treatment services in Los Angeles.  All of the window treatments are of top-notch quality and are manufactured in top grade factories. All of the products are priced competitively and have exceptional quality, and come with extensive guarantees as well as comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties nationwide.

Custom Shutters Los Angeles is committed to providing you the best customer service in the industry and have completed hundreds of window treatments projects with hundreds of satisfied customers.  Therefore, if you are looking for the best custom shutters or any kind of window treatment retailer in Los Angeles, call us now!

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